The history of the East Petersburg Volunteer Fire Company #1 dates back to 1909. The town was threatened by a fire which had started in a residence located near the center of town and had it not been for the heroic efforts of the citizens of the town, much of it might have been in ashes and the life of an alleged invalid lost.

   This prompted the idea of organizing a Fire Company. Meetings were held in the public school house and an organization was effected which was called the East Petersburg Fire Company #1. On January 22, 1910, the Company was granted a charter by the state and from that date the business of the Company was operated according to the charter.


Officers in 1910:

President: D.W. Graybill

Trustees: C.M. Bimosderfer

1st Vice President: F.C Bowers

               L.H. Gochnauer

2nd Vice President: Menna Swarr

               Levi Gris

Recording Sec.: J.G. Forney

Fire Chief: Sam F. Andes

Financial Sec.: H.H. Landis

1st Asst. Chief: Hariam Zahn

Treasurer: Tobias Hershey

2nd Asst. Chief: Hariam Burkhart


   A volunteer subscription was solicited from people of the town and community and so liberal was the response that it was found possible to purchase Hook & Ladder equipment.

   The place or meeting and the house of the equipment presented itself and it was decided to secure a location to build a fire house. A location was secured in the center of the town and in 1910 a three story brick fire house was built. The fire house was erected at a cost of $3,600.00

   On July 5, 1911 a five man committee was appointed to meet with other companies about the formation of a Fireman's Association and hold a convention.. A few years later, the association was born.

   In order that they might be more efficient on May 1, 1912, a horse drawn Two Tank Chemical Equipment was bought. This outfit gave splendid results, but with the change of firefighting equipment and the inability to get to the fire quickly, it was decided to motorize this equipment.

   In 1921 a successful festival was held and enough money was raised to motorize the equipment. A International chassis was purchased for $1,248.00 and the Mack Body Company mounted the equipment for $190.00. It was in service on September 17th, 1922 and the company was well satisfied with the results it gave.

   On June 9, 1927 still keeping abreast of the times the company purchased a Deluge triple combination apparatus of 450 gallon per minute pumping capacity fully equipped with ladders, hose etc. for the sum of $5,475.00. This apparatus was last used on a call in 1972 during hurricane Agnes. It is still retained by the Fire Company.

   In 1950 new additions and some remodeling was done at the old fire house. The cost was $20,000.00. In March 1952, a Seagrave pumper with a 750 gallon per minute pump capacity was put into service at a cost of $15,400.00. Our first squad truck was purchased in 1960 for $450.00. In 1968 this truck was lost in a fire at Merv Hess's Garage fire.

   With the fast growth of the Borough and the surrounding area, it was decided to purchase another pumper in December 1969. This pumper also a Seagrave pumper which pumps 1,000 gallon per minute and holds 1,000 gallons of water. The cost of the pumper was $30,477.00.

   In October 1971, a new squad truck was purchased for $10,950.00. We upgraded it to a rescue in 1982, this truck remained in service until 1984 when we turned it over to Haz-Mat Two.

   The Company served the community for 63 years at the Main Street firehouse. As the equipment size became larger, it became necessary, not only for housing the equipment, but also the need for additional room for training new members in new firefighting techniques.

   In 1971, negotiations were started with the borough officials to sell the Civics Grounds to the Borough. After two years of many meetings with borough officials, a final agreement was reached in 1973. The old fire house and Civics grounds were sold to the Borough for $51,000.00 and our present location.

   During late 1973 and early 1974, our present quarters were constructed at a cost of $108,000.00 and many donations of services and materials.

   In April of 1979, we took delivery of a Mack Tele-Squirt pumper for $130,034.00. This equipment carried a 50 foot aerial ladder, a 1000 gallon per minute pump, and 500 gallon of water. We received our first state loan to help purchase this piece.

   By this time we were using 4 inch supply line which was quite effective until 1984 when it developed bubbles. We were fortunate to be able to exchange it for the difference in price for 1,500 feet of 5 inch supply line.

   In 1982 we purchased our first Amkus hydraulic extrication tools which greatly enhanced our ability to extricate victims of auto accidents.

   In 1983 we had the LTI Corporation refurbish our 1967 Seagrave pumper at a cost of $14,738.00 which included pre-connected crosslays being added.

   In 1984 we purchased a 1978 Chevrolet heavy duty rescue truck from the Camp Hill Fire Company for $56,125.00. This unit was equipped with a 16 foot box and 15 KW onboard generator.

   In 1985 the '52 Seagrave pumper was placed out of service and sold to a private collector for $3,000.00. Also the Fire Company hosted the Lancaster County Fireman's Association annual convention for our 75th anniversary.

   In 1989 we purchased a 1989 Spartan / E-One pumper with 1750 gallon per minute pump, 1,000 gallon water tank for $192,000.00. The 1969 Seagrave pumper was sold to the Reinerton Fire Company.

   In 1992 we purchased an E-One heavy rescue truck with a 22 foot box, a six man cab, 45 KWgenerator, a 25 foot light tower and pre-connected hydraulic tools for $292,000.00. The 1978 rescue was sold to Northeast Fire Apparatus.

   In 1995 we refurbished our Mack Tele-Squirt which included half doors in the jump seat to get firefighters off the tailboard and seated.

   In 1996 we purchased a Ford F350 crew cab pickup for a Squad / Utility vehicle for $35,000.00.

   In 1999 we placed in service a 1999 Pierce Dash, 105ft. heavy duty aerial ladder with a 1250 gallon per minute pump, 500 gallon water tank and all steer for $577,000.00. The 1979 Mack was sold to Northeast Fire Apparatus and is currently serving the Reliance Fire Company in Phillipsburg, Pa. Along with placing a new ladder truck in service a committee was formed  to look into expanding the fire house to meet the future needs in the fire service.

   In 2000 East Petersburg Borough was the first municipality to impose a fire tax to support the fire company. Also the expansion of our building was started in the fall which would include a larger engine bay, administrative and fir suppression offices, bunk rooms, storage space and a museum to house our restored 1927 Deluge and artifacts.

   In 2001 the firehouse project was completed at a price of $1,400,000.00 and donations for businesses with in the community.

   In 2002 we received a 1997 Toyota 4Runner for the LTM Group after a fire at the Lancaster Nissan dealership. This vehicle replaced our 1988 Suburban which was used as a duty vehicle.

   In 2005 members past and presnt of the fire company purchased the 1952 Seagrave back at a cost of $1,000.00 from the Union Hose Company of Danville, New York. Also in 2005 the fire company was the first rescue in South Central Pennsylvania as an advanced level rescue service.

   In 2006 we purchased a small rescue style body and installed it on our 1996 Ford F350 chassis to enhance our capabilities.